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Dog Kimono: Koume
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Welcome to Gramercy Pet Boutique, a home of unique dog apparel for all
sizes (not only for small toy breeds, we do have sizes for Dachshunds,
French Bull to Golden Retriever). From the heart of New York, Gramercy
Park, we deliver high quality fashionable
sweatshop-free dog clothes for your
beloved doggy babies so that your dog can attend at your wedding, parties
and many more fun events in appropriate attire. We also provide garments to
protect your dog in a variety of weather elements:
Rain and  Summer heat.
Dog Kimono | Dog Formal Wear | Unique dog wear
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Dog Cool Vest - Must Have item for Summer
Cool Vest® for Dog
Sachi Japanese Chin in Kimono
Prince Lorenzo presented Fundle at Pre-Westminster Fashion Show 2011
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Leather Breed Specfic 3D Mini Keychains
Fundle® Pet Sling  See-Through  Ocean Blue | Dog and Cat Carrier | Pet Car Seat
Moonstone Pet Necklace
Fundle isthe best thing that has happened to me and my dog!!!
-- Aja B, Los Angels, CA   
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Moonstone Pet Necklace
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Candle Holder Cat, Poodle or Dachshund
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